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At a wild Samhain party

The First Kick Band
Bobby . . . . . Thomas . . . . . .  JC . . . . . . Maynard
Words alone fail to convey what these friends mean to me.
It's in our music.  It's a wonder JC and I have survived!

Thomas Oliver Originals

Havin' A Time
This blues (words and music by Thomas Oliver) was inspired by an old Big Bill Broonzy tune.
2004 Simuli Music (BMI)
--- all rights reserved

The Hot Foot
2004 Simuli Music (BMI)

2004 Simuli Music (BMI)

One Man Blues
2004 Simuli Music (BMI)

Start With The Blues
copyright 2004 Simuli Music (BMI)

Hotfoot Demo Clips (covers)

Killing Floor
This blues kicks butt -- Mike Roach of Boulder CO inspired me to do this tune.

Born To Be Wild
A Hard Rock Classic -- favorite of bikers everywhere.

Hand Jive
This Johnny Otis tune features a Bo Diddley beat -- the foundation of funk.

More Midis and Audio Clips

AZ Guitar (wav clip) -- 1.8 MB 
6 minute download at 28 bps -- Plays for 9 seconds -- sheesh!

-- Loads in about 3 seconds on broadband.

JC Won (midi)  -- 16 K 
copyright 2002 Crown King Music -- all rights reserved

JC composed this tune.  It sounds like a theme for a television show.

He played tenor sax in the first Kick Band (along with Maynard Portwood and Bobby Millage).

Beach Spring (midi)  -- 274 K 
copyright 2004 Crown King Music -- all rights reserved

I arranged this old hymntune for a friend of mine, Rebecca Anderson, to play at the Bethesda Lutheran Church in Eugene OR

Ash Grove (midi)  -- 274 K
copyright 2005 Crown King Music -- all rights reserved
A not very traditional arrangement of a traditional Welsh air.

Outside Love
Bernie Bearinger, the bass man sings this one -- He's funky!