Hotfoot's Extended Repertoire
Rock     Originals     R & B     Blues     Jazz     50s & 60s     Country

           Title                               Key          Artist
1 Goody Two Shoes                A        Adam Ant               
2 Simple Man                           C        Skynyrd
3 Crossfire                               E        SRV       
4 Wonderful Tonight               G        Clapton     
5 Purple Haze                          E        Hendrix      
6 Hey Joe                                 E        Hendrix        
7 Tush                                      Gb      ZZ Top
8 Get Ready                             D       Rare Earth
9 Sweet Home Alabama         G       Skynyrd
10 Free Bird                             G       Skynyrd
11 Turn The Page                    Em     Seger
12 Betty Lou                            E        Seger
13 Doctor My Eyes                  E        Browne
14  Cocaine                              E        Clapton
15  Brown Eyed Girl                G        Van Morrison
16  Cinnamon Girl                   D        Neal Young
17  Midnight Rider                   D        Allman Bros
18  Already Gone                     G        Eagles
19  After Midnight                    A        Clapton
20  Takin' Care Of Business   C        BTO
21  Drive My Car                      D        Beatles
22  Do It Again                         Gm     Steely Dan
23  Day Tripper                        E         Beatles
24  Yer Birthday                       A        Beatles
25  Light My Fire                      Am     Doors

            Title                               Key        Artist              
26 Back Door Man                    A        Doors
27 Shake It Up                           C        Cars
28 Black Dog                             E        Led Zeppelin
29 Take Me To The River          Em     Talking Heads
30 Closing Time                        G        Semisonic
31 Born To Be Wild                   E        Steppenwolf
32 Roll Me Away                        C        Seger
33 Take It Easy                           G       Eagles        
34 Old Time Rock & Roll           E        Seger
35 Johnny B. Goode                  A        Chuck B
36 Roll Over Beethoven            C        Chuck B
37 That'll Be The Day                A         Buddy Holly
38 All Shook Up                         A         Elvis
39 Nadine                                   A         Chuck B
40 La Bamba                              C         Richie Valens
41 Tequila                                   Bb      Ventures
42 Wooly Bully                          D          Sam The Sham
43 Lodi                                       C/D      CCR
44 Bobby McGee                       E         Joplin
45 American Pie                        G         Don McLean
46 Brown Sugar                         B        Stones
47 Pretty Woman                       A        Orbison
48 Play That Funky Music        E         Wild Cherry
49 The Joker                              F         Steve Miller
50 Saw Her Standing There      E         Beatles

           Title                           Key          Artist
1 Chicken Shack                    F    Jimmy Smith
2 Crazy Mama                         G   J.J. Cale
3 Sweet Home Chicago         E    Robert Johnson
4 Born Under Bad Sign         Db  Albert King
5 Leave My Lil Girl Alone      A    Stevie Ray Vaughn
6 Ain't No Sunshine              Am  Bill Withers
7 Built For Comfort               Bb  Howling Wolf
8 Barrel House Blues            E    Taj Mahal
9 Hoochie Coochie Man        A    Muddy Waters
10 Nobody Wants To Lose    G    George Baze
11 Born In Chicago               Ab   Paul Butterfield
12 Love in Vain                      G    Robert Johnson
13 The Hot Foot                     D    Hotfoot
14 Steady Rollin' Man           A     Robert Johnson
15 Hold It!                               C    Bill Dogget
16  Everyday Blues               A     B.B. King
17  Can't Hold Out 120          A     Elmore James
18  Back Door Man                A    Willie Dixon
19  Tore Down                        C    Freddie King
20  Spoonful                          G     Willie Dixon
21  One Way Out                   A      Allman Bros
22  King Bee                          D     Slim Harpo
23  Red House                       B     Jimi Hendrix
24  Consequences               Bb    Robert Cray
25  Hush Hush                      G     Jimmy Reed
            Title                               Key        Artist              
26 Baby Please Don't Go         B        Muddy Waters
27 Statesboro Blues                 C        Allman Bros
28 Trouble No More                   A       Muddy Waters
29 Hideaway                              E        Freddie King
30 Early In The Mornin'             A        Elmore James
31 Goin' Down                           A        Freddie King
32 Havin' A Time                        G       Hotfoot
33 Stormy Monday                    G       T-Bone Walker   
34 Teeny Weeny Bit                   G        Magic Sam
35 Rock Me Baby                       G        B.B. King
36 Messin' With The Kid           B        Junior Walker
37 Pride and Joy                       E         Stevie Ray Vaughn
38 Cleo's Back                           G         Freddie King
39 Same Thing                           E         Willie Dixon
40 Killing Floor                           G        Albert King
41 Five Long Years                    G        Pine Top Perkins
42 Crossroads                           A         Robert Johnson
43 Little Red Rooster                E         Howling Wolf
44 Olivette                                  A         Hotfoot
45 Steady Rolling Man              A         Robert Johnson
46 Let Me Love You                   E        Stevie Ray Vaughn
47 One Man Blues                     G        Thomas Oliver
48 Down Home Blues                G        Denise La Salle
49 Still Got The Blues                Am     Gary Moore
50 Got My Mojo Working           E         Muddy Waters

Originals (by Thomas Oliver)
1 The Arizona Way
2 The Reason
3 One Man Blues
4 Goodtime Man
5 Olivette
6 You Can't Love Everyone
7 The Easy Way
8 Always a Song
9 Do You Want Me?
10 First Things First
11 Things That Are True
12 I Won't Stop
13 Can You Hear?
14 Movin' Song
15 I'll Be My Own
16 Freedom To Live
17 You Say
18 Heartache On The Road
19 A Big Difference
20 A Whole Lot More
21 Once You Know Me
22 Is There Anything Left?
23 Passion Follows Beauty
24 The Way Things Are
25 Space and Time
26 Tinkertoy World
27 I Know Why
28 One Dozen Steps
29 Gone Too Long
30 Getaway
31 No Time
32 Consciousness
33 She Wants Me
34 One Night With You
35 I Could Feel Again
36 Two String Shuffle
37 The Hotfoot
38 Ladies and Gentlemen
39 Give Your Peace to Me
40 Someone Singin'
41 Mother of Freedom
42 Glider
43 There Is A Light
44 Long Long Ride
45 Crown King Road
46 Havin' A Time
47 Your Lover
48 Start With The Blues
49 At The End
50 Be It So
51 Right Now
52 Where Is Love?

R & B
          Title                           Key          Artist
1 Brick House                      Am    Commodores            
2 Blueberry Hill                    E       Fats Domino
3 Bring It On Home              G      Sam Cook             
4 Crazy Mama                       G      J.J. Cale               
5 Dock Of The Bay               G      Otis Redding
6 Down To The Night Club  Bb    Sons of Champlain
7 Drift Away                          A      Dobie Gray
8 Fever                                  Cm   Peggy Lee
9 Funky Broadway               E      Wilson Pickett
10 Get Ready                        D      Temptations
11 Gimme One Reason        F#    Tracy Chapman
12 Grapevine                        D      Marvin Gaye
13 Green Onions                  F      Booker T & MGs
14 Hand Jive                         A      Johnny Otis
15 Hip Hug Her                     A      Booker T & MGs
16 I Can See Clearly Now    D      Johnny Nash
17 I Feel Good                      D      James Brown
18 I Shot The Sheriff           Gm    Bob Marley
19 It's Your Thing                F       Isley Bros
20 I Wish                              Eb     Stevie Wonder
21 Knock On Wood             E       Sam & Dave
22 Leave Your Hat On         E       Joe Cocker
23 Lets Get It On                 G       Marvin Gaye
24 Lets Stay Together         F       Al Green
25 Love And Happiness     Ab     Al Green
          Title                               Key          Artist
26 Love The One Your With    A     Steve Stills
27 Mary Had A Little Lamb      E     Stevie Ray Vaughn
28 Midnight Hour                     E      Sam & Dave
29 Moondance                         Am   Van Morrison
30 Mustang Sally                     C      Wilson Pickett
31 My Girl                                 C/D   Temptations
32 Olivette                                Am    Hotfoot
33 Use Me                                 Em   Bill Withers
34 Shaky Ground                     E       Delbert McClinton
35 Signed, Sealed, Delivered  F      Stevie Wonder
36 Since I Fell                           F      Lenny Welch
37 Skin Tight                           Am    Ohio Players
38 Spooky                                Em   Atlanta Rhythm Section
39 Stand By Me                       G      Ben E. King
40 Stormy                                G      Classics IV
41 Still Got The Blues            Am    Gary Moore
42 Sunny                                 C       Bobby Hebb
43 Superstition                       Em    Stevie Wonder
44 Take Me To The River        Em    Talking Heads
45 Telephone Song                 E       Stevie Ray Vaughn
46 Tell It Like It Is                    F       Aaron Neville
47 Thank You                          E       Sly Stone
48 That Lovin' Feelin'             C       Righteous Bros
49 You Send Me                      F       Sam Cooke
50 Consequences                   Bb    Robert Cray    

         Title                             Key          Artist
1  So What                           Dm          Miles Davis
2  Fever                                A or C     Peggy Lee
3  All Blues                          G             Miles Davis
4  Since I Fell                       A or F     Lenny Welsh
5  Freddy Freeloader          Bb           Miles Davis
6  Tell It Like It Is                 F             Aaron Neville
7  Ipanema                           F             A. C. Jobim
8  Meditation                       C             A. C. Jobim
9  Mercy Mercy                   G              Joe Zawinul
10 Georgia                          D or G     Hoagy Carmichael     
11 St. Thomas                     C             Sonny Rollins
12 Senor Blues                   Eb            Horace Silver
13 Take Five                        Eb            Dave Brubeck
14  Corcovado                    F              A. C. Jobim
15  Straight No Chaser      F              Thelonius Monk
16  Red Clay                      Dbm         Freddie Hubbard
17  Ain't No Sunshine       Am           Bill Withers
18  Harlem Nocturne        Gm            Earle Hagen
19  Misty                            Eb             Errol Garner
20  Round Midnight          Eb            Thelonius Monk
21  Autumn Leaves           Dm           Nat King Cole
22  Put It Where U Want It  C            Jazz Crusaders
23  Caravan                         F             Duke Ellington
24  Stolen Moments           Cm          Oliver Nelson
25  When Sunny Gets Blue Eb         Nat King Cole
         Title                            Key          Artist
26  Summertime                  Am       Billie Holiday     
27  Satin Doll                       C           Duke Ellington
28 Shadow Of Your Smile   A          Johnny Mathis
29 Breezin'                           D          George Benson
30 Feel Like Makin' Love    Eb        Roberta Flack
31 Green Dolphin St           Eb        John Coltrane
32 This Masquerade           F          George Benson
33 Song For My Father       Fm       Horace Silver
34 Mo Better Blues             Gb        Branford Marsalis    
35 Stormy                            G          Classics IV
36 Blue Bossa                     Cm       Dexter Gordon
37 Watermelon Man            F           Herbie Hancock
38 Cantaloupe Island         Fm        Herbie Hancock
39 Killer Joe                        C           Benny Golson
40 Chameleon                     Bb        Herbie Hancock
41 The Chicken                   Bb        Jaco Pastorius
42 Cold Duck Time             F           Eddie Harris
43 Stratus                            Bm       Billy Cobham
44 Learning The Blues       A          Frank Sinatra
45 Little Sunflower            Dm        Freddie Hubbard
46 Footprints                     Cm        Wayne Shorter
47 Naima                            Eb         John Coltrane
48 One Note Samba          G           A. C. Jobim
49 GMorning Heartache  Db or G  Billie Holiday
50 My Funny Valentine     Eb          Miles Davis

50s & 60s
         Title                                Key          Artist
1 Blue Suede Shoes               A     Elvis Presley       
2 That'll Be The Day               A     Buddy Holly
3 Rock Around The Clock     A     Bill Haley
4 Hand Jive                             A     Johnny Otis
5 Let It Be Me                          G     Everly Bros
6 All I Have to do is Dream    E     Everly Bros
7 Peggy Sue                            A     Buddy Holly
8 Every Day                             E     Buddy Holly
9 Johnny B. Goode                A     Chuck Berry
10 Roll Over Beethoven        C     Chuck Berry
11 Memphis                            E      Chuck Berry
12 Chantilly Lace                   Eb   Big Bopper
13 La Bamba                          C     Richie Valens
14 Good Gooly Miss Molly   G     Jerry Lee Lewis
15 All Shook Up                     A     Elvis Presley
16 Heartbreak Hotel               E     Elvis Presley
17 Jailhouse Rock                  D    Elvis Presley
18 The Twist                            E     Chubby Checker
19 Wooly Bully                       D     Sham The Sham
20 Blueberry Hill                    E     Fats Domino
21 Boney Maroney                 E     Larry Williams
22 Nadine                                A     Chuck Berry
23 Daddy's Home                   D     Limelighters
24 You Send Me                      F     Sam Cooke    
25 Kansas City                       Db   Wilbur Harrison
         Title                                 Key        Artist
26 Sunshine of Your Love       G      Cream                 
27 You Really Got Me               A      Kinks

28 Purple Haze                          E      Jimi Hendrix

29 All Along the Watchtower   B      Jimi Hendrix
30 Proud Mary                          D       Credence Clearwater  

31 House of Rising Sun           Am   Animals

32 Yesterday                             D      Beatles

33 Saw Her Standing There     E      Beatles

34 Jumping Jack Flash            Eb   Rolling Stones

35 Born To Be Wild                   E     Steppenwolf

36 Pretty Woman                      E      Roy Orbison

37 Honky Tonk Women
            G      Rolling Stones
38 Bad Moon Rising                 D      Credence Clearwater

39 Hard Days Night                  G      Beatles

40 In My Life                             G       Beatles

41 Brown Eyed Girl                  G      Van Morrison

42 Day Tripper                          E       Beatles

43 Loving Feeling                    C       Righteous Bros
44 Light My Fire                       Am    Doors

45 For What It's Worth             E       Buffalo Springfield

46 Wild Thing                           E       Troggs
47 The Letter                            C       Box Tops
48 Hit The Road Jack              Am    Ray Charles
49 Twist & Shout                      D      Beatles
50 Can't Help Falling                E      Elvis Presley


        Title                            Key          Artist
1 Kiss An Angel                    G       Charlie Pride    
2 The Dance                          Em    Garth Brooks
3 Ain't Livin' Long                A       Waylon Jennings  
4 Can't You See                    A       Marshal Tucker
5 Amarillo By Morning         D       George Strait
6 Waltz Across Texas           E       Ernest Tubb
7 Born To Boogie                 E       Hank Wms Jr
8 Oh Lonesome Me              D       Don Gibson
9 Tennessee Waltz               C       Patti Page
10 My Sweet Baby's Arms  G       Bill Monroe
11 Mountain Dew                 G       Doc Watson
12 White Lightnin'               G       George Jones
13 I Cross My Heart             Eb     George Strait
14 The Fireman                    A       George Strait
15 Fishin' In The Dark          D      Dirt Band
16 Lousiana Satrdy Night    D      Mel McDaniel
17 I Still Miss Someone       C      Johnny Cash
18 Folsom Prison Blues      E      Johnny Cash
19 Peaceful Easy Feelin'     E       Eagles
20 Fire On The Mountain    G       Marshal Tucker
21 Tequila Sunrise              G        Eagles
22 All My Exs                       Bb     George Strait
23 Help Me Make It              D       Sammi Smith
24 The Chair                        A       George Strait
25 Ramblin' Fever               G       Merle Haggard
        Title                                   Key          Artist
26 Six Days On The Road         A       Dave Dudley    
27 Blue Eyes Cryin'                   E       Willie Nelson
28 Honky Tonk Man                   E       Johnny Horton
29 On The Road Again              E       Willie Nelson
30 Jambalaya                             D       Hank Williams
31 So Lonesome I Could Cry    F       Hank Williams
32 Blue Bayou                            E       Linda Ronstadt 
33 Forever & Ever                      D       Randy Travis
34 Rocky Top                              G      Osborne Bros
35 Silver Wings                           E      Merle Haggard
36 Crazy                                       E      Patsy Cline
37 Last Date (instrumental)      Bb     Floyd Cramer
38 I Walk The Line                      A       Johnny Cash
39 Always On My Mind              D       Willie Nelson
40 Take It Easy                           G       Eagles
41 Shoulda Been A Cowboy     G       Toby Keith
42 Liza Jane                               A       Vince Gill
43 Ring of Fire                            G      Johnny Cash
44 Mercury Blues                       D      Alan Jackson
45 Neon Moon                            G      Brooks & Dunn
46 Boot Scoot Boogie                E      Brooks & Dunn
47 Tulsa Time                              D     Don Williams
48 Amy                                        A      Pure Prairie League  
49 Act Naturally                         G      Buck Owens
50 Buckaroo/Wildwood/Gtr Rag  D,C,E   Instrumentals